Raunchy Ravishing Rihanna

Rihanna Concert Tickets will guarantee one thing – a concert experience that will blow your mind completely and leave you wanting more. The bombshell from Barbados maybe in the news for all the wrong reasons and controversies surrounding her personal life, and mostly because of her twisted relationship with R&B superstar Chris Brown; but when it comes to performing live Rihanna is among handful of artists that can captivate an audience with their powerful vocals, sexy dance moves and endless energy.

Rihanna is famous for her thrilling concert events and has become massively popular with the fans in just a few years. With more than 47 million digital singles sold, two platinum certifications and 11 No. 1 hits on the Billboard Top 100, it’s hard to question the commercial savvy of the pop juggernaut known simply as Rihanna.

Being a huge fan of her smash hit music naturally I was ecstatic when I was able to purchase Rihanna Tickets 2013 from TicketVistas for a bargain to watch my favorite musician perform live at a cross border concert event in Canada.

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The concert, which was one of seven shows the gifted musician was slated to perform across Canada, was simply breathtaking and the singer lived up to her reputation on being a phenomenal vocalist and performer in every possible way.

Rihanna’s sleek 70 minute set featured jaw dropping pyrotechnic effects, exhausting choreography and of course her chart-topping singles. The arena was lit up with laser lights and Rihanna’s dynamic costumes contributed heavily to the overall feel of the show.

As lasers shot out, video screens flashed and confetti rained down, the music was big enough to fill the entire arena, and Rihanna’s banter was restrained to the hit singles “You make me feel like the only bitch in the world.”

The acoustic moments could not have been performed better. Like much of the night, Rihanna chose to let the audience and her backup singers take the lead vocals on the hooks or choruses – a move usually reserved for singers with half her talent and psychical charisma.

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But like the traveling circus that surrounds the 24-year-old and her wild, violent and confusing personal life, none of that really mattered. Rihanna’s strength is her songs, and with such a strong back catalogue — not to mention the closing one-two punch of Umbrella and We Found Love — it’s not hard to shut out everything else, throw your hands in the air and scream “Please don’t stop the music.”

If you’re looking to purchase Rihanna Tickets then make sure you tag a friend along to get full bang for your buck. Her concerts shouldn’t be experienced alone. Having a friend along will elevate the experience to a whole new level.

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