Tips To Develop Your Mobile Application

How many times have you seen, downloaded or used a mobile app as simple and easy to use that came to wonder: how did not I think of that? Think no more, you can have success by developing your own idea into an application.


One of the most important features when generating applications is to try to make them unique, functional, offering something that is new for users and is multiplatform.


Here are some tips for creating a successful app:


1.Try to solve a problem. An excellent app needs may arise that present themselves in everyday life, to facilitate the development of some activity or as a solution of a problem everyday.


2.Do not limit yourself to just one operating system. Develop your app for the major mobile platforms such as RIM BlackBerry OS, Apple iOS, Google Android and also for web. So, you have more options and will make your app more practical.


3.Think about its mobility. Remember that your app can take advantage of the main features of mobile devices such as camera and GPS.


4.Use technological enablers such as Cloud Computing. Thus, in addition to reducing development costs (you can use the cloud to test prototypes) will be much easier to perform any test or beta test.


5.Use social networks to promote and recommend your app. So you can achieve a higher market potential, without having to make large investments in advertising, and have feedback from your users in real time to learn how to improve your application.


It is important to think that by 2013 there were 791.2 million smartphones worldwide. In the U.S. alone, users of these devices are at least 94 minutes a day in their applications, ie more than 22 minutes in mobile browsers.


Moreover, according to figures related to Apple and Android stores, have been downloaded more than 25 billion mobile applications for each of them; among major stores BlackBerr, Apple and Google, are added 1.4 million downloads per day.


This is a wave that came and growing every day, translating into a great opportunity for all developers.


About Author: Pravin Ganore is an IT expert at ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. He specially writes about SMM, SEO, Dedicated Servers India, Data Centers and etc.


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