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Marriage and Family Therapy Degrees for Becoming a Certified Therapist

Marriage and Family Therapy Degrees for Becoming a Certified Therapist

For some people, being married may not turn out to be as beautiful as they expected, especially with the stressful situation of the modern world which have brought high depression to many people. In fact, in recent days, number divorces and cases of family problems is considerably increasing. Being a marriage and family therapist will give you the ability to help these people. A marriage and family therapist have the ability to recognize any mental and emotional symptoms, and to provide the most effective and appropriate solutions to deal with the situation. However, in order to have such profession, one must also have the appropriate marriage and family therapy degrees.


Becoming a marriage and family therapist required at least a master’s degree, and a certain license practice. A master’s degree can be obtained by continuing your study for two to three extra years after your undergraduate degree. A doctorate degree, as a higher degree, will require additional three to five years of study on graduate degrees. These marriage and family therapy degrees will give you the ability to evaluate the dynamic of family roles and situations that may have affected the mental health of the client, and provide a proper family-centered perspective treatment for it.


Marriage and family therapy degrees can also be obtained through online studies. However, most online degrees on the field marriage and family therapy are restricted only on bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Becoming a qualified marriage and family therapist can also be achieved by enrolling to a post-graduate clinical training program which will require three to four years of your commitment after the undergraduate degree. In addition, to become a marriage and family therapist will require you to have certain license which normally issued by the state where you are about to open your practice.

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