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Obtain Uzbekistan Visa For Your Uzbekistan Tours Easily

Obtain Uzbekistan Visa For Your Uzbekistan Tours Easily


Uzbekistan is one of the CIS countries which gained Independence in 1991 as a result of collapse of Soviet Union. The old system fell and former soviet system of restrictions started changing to new regulations of Young Independent Uzbekistan.


Independence revived the interest of Western countries to areas which were restricted during the Soviets and Uzbekistan was one of them. The ancient cities of the Great Silk Road: Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva became new destinations for travelers of the world from Japan to USA and getting Uzbekistan Visa became a big issue as Uzbekistan was a young country and there were not so many consulates and embassies opened in Western Countries.


Travelers had to contact the embassies and consulates of Uzbekistan in neighboring countries. Gradually the situation started improving and nowadays getting Uzbekistan Visa is not a problem and it is quite easy. If anybody wants to travel to Uzbekistan as a tourist he or she may contact the travel agencies in Uzbekistan or their partners abroad and get the Letter of Invitation (LOI) which is enough for getting Uzbekistan Visa for desired date. All what is needed for that is the passport scan and employment certificate (no need in case of unemployment of retirement) which should be sent to partner in Uzbekistan. The travel agent in Uzbekistan will apply to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for a Letter of Invitation. It usually takes 7 working days to get approval from MFA. The LOI with approval number will be sent to traveler. The cost of the Uzbekistan Visa varies from 50 USD up to 150 USD depending on the length and type of the visa.


For travelers from countries where there is no Uzbekistan Embassy or consulate it is possible to get Uzbekistan Visa upon arrival in International Airport of Tashkent. To apply for LOI for getting Uzbekistan Visa in International Airport of Tashkent the partner in Uzbekistan will need passport scan, Employment Certificate and additionally the international flight ticket to Tashkent of traveler.  Cost of the visa will be same as one pays in Uzbekistan Consulates abroad. Fivestansadventure is big and well supported, trekking is one of the best out there and give better support their travelers.


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