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Hollywood: Hey, this Obamacare thing is going to be pretty costly and complicated for us

Hollywood Park traditions prepare to find new homes

ACA is thousands of pages, and it wasnt written with this industry in mind, says Belcher. In fairness, who could have possibly guessed that a top-down solution from Washington and thousands of pages of regulations would cause problems for businesses with unorthodox work schedules, scads of part-time, contract, union and non-union employees from different fields, and the need for flexibility? So, whats Hollywood doing about this problem? Gamely making sure they help the president live up to every unfounded promise he made, right? No, theyre acting rationally and pondering such strategies as, running to foreign countries, given that ACA doesnt apply to U.S.
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Hollywood has barely dipped toe into deep waters of Korean War

MASH Many went on to dominate Hollywood and television. "Korea lacked the grand ambitions of World War II and the vivid images that Vietnam produced," he says. "Americans will always celebrate and embrace World War II as the great war fought by 'the Greatest Generation.' Because of the nature of the wars, and the way they ended, Americans have been less willing to embrace Korea and Vietnam.
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Hollywood Warns Gays: Careful What You Wish For (WATCH)

2013-06-27-4shot_check_sm.jpg But as same sex couples start to register at Crate & Barrel, shouldn't they wonder: Of all the institutions to be committed to, is marriage really the sanest choice? If Hollywood is any guide, it probably isn't. From Double Indemnity and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf to War of the Roses and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the silver screen is littered with bitter, vitriolic marriages scarred by regret, revenge and recrimination.
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Its likely the Gold Cup, like several other existing fixtures around the country, will become something of a ghost race, this author's coinage for a high-profile race that continues to be run, under its same name, but not at its original track. Its a term borrowed from the ghost bands that came from the big-band era of the 1930s and 1940s: When the head of a well-known band died (Glenn Miller, for example), the band continued with a different leader but didnt change its name. Without ghost races stakes that refuse to die titanic chunks of racing history fade away. For example, its comforting to know that Carry Back won the Flamingo before he won the 1961 Derby, but since they dont run the Flamingo anymore and no track has made it a ghost race its only recalled by students of the arcane.
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