Hair Removal Cream For Men

A friend of mine is still looking for the best hair removal cream. Thing is, he’s wary that people will think he’s girly or metrosexual when he has to buy one. That raises a question, is there a men-specific hair removal cream brand?


Of course there is

It’s either he didn’t look enough or been looking at the wrong shelf. If there’s a best hair removal cream for women, there must be one for men too. Anyhow, it’s also true that there’s not much men specific brand when it comes to body care like this. Sides, most people aren’t aware that even though body hair can be a sign of masculinity, but it also collects the unpleasant body odor.


So, no girl brand?

Of course male can use women specific brands as their best hair removal cream. Results may vary anyway. But since physical structure is different, women brand won’t give the result as fast or as much as the guys want to be.