How To Plan Your Adventure Travel In The Right Way

How To Plan Your Adventure Travel In The Right Way

Taking a break once in a while comes highly recommended. It does a lot of good if you relax and unwind even for just a few days. If you work regularly, you will find the change of pace most welcoming. That's why it pays to have a change of scenery and check out some new places every once in a while. You don't have to travel abroad and waste a lot of money just so you can have a little fun. There are also other places to visit and explore which won't cost you a small fortune. You just need to do a little research!


Choosing the right holiday destination, can make the difference between having a good time and having a great vacation. It all comes down to knowing what you like, what those accompanying you like and doing your research before booking.


When you go out of the resorts, leave your comfort zone and sleep in local guest houses, camp sites or mountain huts - you will start experiencing the authenticity of the country you are visiting (hotels and resorts are boringly the same all over the world after all). When you try to travel the local way, in an unpredictable, crazy fashion - I bet you'll never forget your priceless memories - simply no thing or gadget can give a similar joy! But there's a danger to this adventurous style - it's highly addictive! If you travel like that once and get into it, you might find it extremely difficult return to the monotonous daily routine!


So, maybe instead of going on your Adventure Travel holidays to Canary Islands, Italy or Spain try Albania! Yes, I know what you're thinking. That I'm crazy. Mafia, pollution and poverty. I've heard it all every time when I mention a country like Albania as a holiday destination. But my reply is that is the most beautiful and friendly country in Europe with absolutely the best paradise, wild beaches with white sand (like in Thailand but with zero hordes of tourists). You don't believe? Check my photos on my blog try not to listen to mass media and explore the world yourself. You'll see how much more beautiful it is behind those overrated destinations like Paris, London, Thailand etc. (and by the way no one seems to mind the poverty and pollution levels in Thailand!)


Adventure travel can take you to the other side of the world, to the top of a mountain, or to the wildest places on earth. It might also take you to the inside of a little old library just around the corner that you have walked past a thousand times. Ultimately, it is not where you go but the sense of adventure you feel that counts.


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