KD224575 Powerex Semiconductor - A Dual Darlington Power Transistor Modules

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Powerex KD224575 is one of the best power transistors by Powerex that can greatly enhance the performance of power inverters, allowing these applications to be better than ever! Designed for high power switching applications, KD224575 functions to amplify weak signals to be detected by another circuit. It is an isolated type of module consisting of two Darlington transistors, each equipped with a high speed diode.


A unique type of transistor module, KD224575 Powerex modules has isolated mounting and planar chips with a function similar to what a fast recovery feedback diode could do. It has high DC current gain, quick connect base emitter signal terminals and even has those base emitter speed up diodes.


With the powerful components of KD224575, your power inverters would surely be taken to the next level.