Mold making and production services

3D printing:

3D printing has become one of the hottest and latest technology in the manufacturing and do it yourself markets. 3D printing world started with Stereo lithography Apparatus (SLA). Then came Selective Laser Sintering. Ultimately, Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) was introduced which is the technology loved by all of us; it provides the market with entry level 3D printer. It is also more affordable than the all previous versions. FDM technology is consisted of a plastic filament that is placed layer by layer till a complete model is created. A professional grade FDM printer is created with ultra high resolution as well as ABS plastic filament that is most common kind of plastic that the users use for injection moldings. Unlike the 3D printers of entry level, the professional grade option has two important advantages:

Support material:

It is a very crucial advantage of support material, especially when developing parts with overhanging features. This is the feature that entry level 3D printers are not able to deliver. But the cutting edge printers can shape these complicated elements masterfully


By this we mean the ability to develop an engineered plastic part with a .003 inch degree of accuracy for many times.

There are many 3D printed projects that are serving the users in best manners.

Injection molding:

Injection molding machines works greatly and never fails to impress the user. Such huge pieces of equipment are the real engineering marvels. The machine’s plastic injection procedure is done at high pressure into cavity or mold in order to create a useful plastic part. The importance of this process is evident when you look around and see a variety of plastic products.

The injection molding machine has four major parts. When the injection molding machine gets ready to inject plastic into cavity or the mold, the clamping unit used to close the two independent plates and then allows the plastic to flow into cavity in order to create the part. Then this plastic is cooled into a solid. The clamping unit opens the mold, when the plastic is cool enough, the part falls out in a bin. Injection molding services can be accessed easily after contacting us.


The presentation models are created that are designed to feel, look and behave just like the real product. The 3D printing capabilities help in creating models that are used for design verification and other essential marketing activities.