Intelligent textile services

Everyone would say it is an intelligent age now with the high technology computer and mobile phone. Have you ever think about the China fabric supplier and their intelligence innovation in industry of textile. I think it is time for them to have an creation in textile.


Intelligent manufacturing technology and digital technology, intelligent technology, a new generation of information technology cross-integration-oriented product life cycle, with information perception, knowledge acquisition, optimize decision-making and executive control functions is an efficient, high-quality, clean and safe production of goods and services users manufacturing mode. I think silk fabric manufacture should learn the new technology for the production of new way to produce textile. It is automated and digitized into base and network connectivity support, outstanding knowledge acquisition, optimization, intelligent decision-making functions, to enhance the design, manufacturing, management and service levels, and a profound shift in production patterns and forms manufacturing industry.


Of course, there must be scarves in market as this is one of the favorite things for women. So for silk scarf wholesale, it will appeal the new leading road in future.