Can the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) explain to us how the 2.63% increment slapped on electricity tariff will help to improve the current energy challenge we are facing in Ghana.

Ordinary Ghanaians for the past years have beening paying more for the energy but it seems they don't have value for their money.

If Ghanaians are having light 24/7 and you increase the tariff,  there would be no problem but here in this sense when there is no light to work with, companies are closing down, those who can afford generator or plants are buying it and paying more for fuels to power their generators and plants. Employers are not employing and workers are being layed off because of the energy crisis.

Why then will you come and announce increment at this time to add more woes and infflict more pains to consumers? Why shoud we pay more for something that we are not benefitting from? There is this philosophy "that the more you use the more you pay" but here the less you use electricity the higher you pay.

The Director of Public Affairs and External Relations at the PURC, Nana Yaw Jantuah said "the commission considers its decision as best in the interest of the ECG.  She pointed out that electricity tariffs have not been increased for sometime now; a situation she said has adversely affected ECG". 

The question here is if for the past months there have not been increment on the electricity the why now? What's the rationality behind the increment now? Is it a good time to do that? Are Ghanaians ready to endure this increment?