My Difficulties With Wp Themes

It all started in the late 90's. I needed to place some news on my website. A record. A summary of forthcoming events. I began with simple HTML. One-page, with sections for each and every post. Basic.

Then I found out about 'sites' and 'blogging.' Being intelligent, I picked Wordpress, the most used application. How smart, I thought. Anybody could set up an internet site, In the event that you obtain the WYSIWYG editor going. Very democratic.

This inspired my to post my outermost thoughts; o-n London, politics, and personal gripes. Being a webmaster, I watched to determine Google index them. 'Here we go', I thought, 'quickly, my jewels of extrospection can belong to the ages.'

Except Google did not like my website. It'd maybe not index much beyond the leading page. Why, why, why?

Replicate content? I set it to put just one post per page.

No improvement.

I looked at what Google was indexing. Then I viewed the blog HTML. If you are interested in sports, you will possibly want to explore about thumbnail. Quickly, all became clear.