Search Engine Optimization for Dynamic Websites


What're 'Dynamic Websites'?

Active websites are websites whose pages are created on the fly. Unlike fixed pages (mainly.htm/.html pages), dynamic pages are generated when an individual causes an action throughout that particular site.

Here is a test powerful URL-

As per the above example of, the dynamic part (i.e. the part) of the URL which changes as per reader request is the part after the question mark (?)

What are the issues that search engines experience in indexing Dynamic URLs?

1. Se's usually look at a dynamic URL as an infinite group of links.

2. There's a chance for integrating a session id to a particular site, since active URLs find maximum ap-plication in online shopping carts. As the search-engine spider needs to list an infinite quantity of copies of the exact same page, which really is a Herculean task for them, treatment ids of that specific page change.

3. Planning with the same reasoning shown in point number 2, indexing the same active site may overload the servers of the search engines and therefore avoid the search engines to present with the most relevant data in the fastest possible time. Learn more on our related web site - Click here:

This is what Google claims about indexing of active internet sites -

Reasons your website may not be included: Your pages are dynamically generated. Browse here at the link to study why to engage in this viewpoint. We are in a position to catalog dynamically generated pages. For different viewpoints, please consider glancing at: However, because our net crawler can simply overcome and crash sites providing dynamic content, we control the total amount of dynamic pages we index. (Source -

What are the choices that you've in order to make a search engine spider index your Dynamic URLs?

1. Usage of programs - Exception Digital Enterprise Solutions ( offers a pc software which can change the URLs to fixed ones. Called XQASP, it will take away the ''? in the Query String and replace it with '/', thus allowing the search engine spiders to index the dynamic content.