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What and Why Are Stress Tests Used

Each year there are plenty of people who are diagnosed with heart related diseases. There are some ranges of age that do not fall into this category. However, there are obviously different situations and risks involved that pertain to all ages and can be applied to just about anyone. Luckily, contemporary medicine is well equipped to handle, diagnose and treat a large range or varied heart diseases. There are many tools available to the cardiologist, and the stress test has proven to be indispensable in the successful diagnosis of heart disease. We will look at various areas as they pertain to stress tests and heart disease.

One radioactive compound used in nuclear stress tests is Thallium. You have to remember that there is no danger to the body because very small amounts are used. Additionally, Thallium's radioactivity decays and it is removed naturally from the body quite quickly.

However, Thallium is the compound that permits doctors to recreate an accurate image of the size of your heart's chambers. A doctor can use these images to determine how healthy your heart is as well as other pertinent data. On top of that, a doctor will be able to determine how easily the heart can pump blood. Doctors can also determine if there is any heart damage based on these images. Determining the health of the heart is the reason doctors demand stress tests be performed. But there are other reasons stress tests are performed. A stress test can also be used, for example, to determine how much exercise is safe for one to perform. Determining the level of risk of various events, such as cardiac arrest, occurring is another reason stress tests are employed. Since the main goal of a stress test is to discover how healthy your heart is, a doctor won't get it done without a reason. The patient shouldn't assume the worst just because such a test is being performed.

Various factors can influence the reliability of the isotope stress test.

For example, the image must be sufficiently clear and a particular heart rate reached. If these important factors are satisfied, then this type of stress test can offer a reliable diagnosis in approximately 85% of coronary artery disease cases. Since there are plenty of other factors that have an impact on accuracy, there is little chance of obtaining an infallible diagnosis. There are many other conditions that can impact an accurate diagnosis, including false positives.

Nuclear stress tests are an important tool for doctors in the diagnosis of various forms of heart disease. If you ever require a nuclear stress test, make click here. sure to ask your doctor a lot of questions. You should ask these questions site internet to determine what your specific condition is as well as to increase your knowledge of your specific case.
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