A Guide For Internet Marketers About the Google Algorithm Updates

If you are an internet marketer, aspects concerning Search Engine Optimization is paramount to your success. This includes several techniques and methods that will make Google Algorithm like your website and boost it up to higher rankings. Because of the sporadic algorithm updates, some SEO techniques are at moot right now. This urgently calls SEO marketers to change their techniques so that they will not suffer penalties.

Between algorithm updates, there is a common ground as to how to maintain or even boost up your rankings. Below are 4 techniques that will definitely become your foundation for a strong SEO.

Using Optimized Anchors

You may ask what an optimized anchor is. This is an anchor text that contains the keyword that you want to rank for. Here’s the dilemma, SEO marketers tend to stuff these optimized anchors in their articles or in their links. They tend to use it over and over again. To avoid this, you must use long keyword phrases.

Preferring Quantity over Quality

While it is a fact that links play a major role in ranking your website, preferring quantity over the quality of these links can be detrimental to your website. Instead of wasting your time in creating thousands of poor quality backlinks, you should work at building few but high quality backlinks.

Research studies show that low DA backlinks do not increase the rankings of your website but instead they make your website poorly ranked in Search Engines. That’s why you need to avoid these low quality backlinks right now.

Spam Guest Posting

Spam. This is the most dreadful word when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Google hates it… a lot! In the context of guest posting, and even though guest posting is an effective way of building links, enhancing brand awareness and building your mark as an author, you need to be careful on how to do it. The point here is that you must never spam at all. Just do the natural way of doing SEO New Zealand so that you will have great results.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a relative of spamming. Note that Google will also penalize a website who is stuffing keywords in their links and articles. So, how do you avoid this? You must use related keywords for each articles or links you will make.

What is the conclusion for all of these? You just need to follow the rules that is imposed by Google so that you will avoid any penalty.