Thus considering the adsorption properties

3.7. Adsorption kinetics of selected LIS/PVA foams
Fig. 11. Kinetics of LIS/PVA foams with high LIS loadings relative to Glimepiride powder adsorbent at Co = 7 mg Li+ L−1, pH = 11, S/L ratio = 0.9 g L−1.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Table 4.
Kinetic constants of LIS powder and LIS/PVA foams with different LIS loadings.MaterialPseudo-first orderPseudo-second orderqe (mg g−1)k1 × 10−3 segregation (min−1)r2k2 × 10−3 (g mg−1 min−1)qe † (mg g−1)h (mg g−1 min−1)r2LIS powder4.112.720.982.317.970.150.9950 wt% LIS/PVA3.282.510.961.826.590.080.99200 wt% LIS/PVA7.642.560.951.737.140.090.99250 wt% LIS/PVA5.042.560.972. = 11.08; V = 45 mL; m ≅ 40 mg; [Li+] ≅ 1 mM or 6.8 mg L−1.†derived value from Eq. (10).Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV