When Will Google Update The Page Rank Of Older Sites?

There's been another page rank update within the last couple of months however it appears as though this has only affected sites which formerly had a rank of zero. The question many people are inquiring is when will google update the page rank of of the other sites which already showed a page rank?

This latest update seems to be nearly the same as the prior pr update when the older sites were also not updated. When reading on various websites about other webmasters thoughts on this present trend, I've found a number of factors as to why this may be happening.

Over the last couple of years there have been a serious large number of link change programs which have been produced. This have proven to be well-accepted but are frowned upon by google as the people who enter these programs are in ways cheating to get to the most effective. A lot of people know about the importance of backward links and these link change programs make it quite simple to obtain them. In clearly states yet in the google instructions that webmasters shouldn't be a part of these link exchange programs. I learned about learn about http://linkedin.com/in/tylermcollins by searching Yahoo. Webmasters who still go ahead are at risk at having their site or sites prohibited.

The problem might be that it's quite difficult for search-engines like google to ascertain which links that each site gets are from these link trades and which links are legitimate links and true real. It's possible that google is near to getting a system to this issue and is delaying any pr improvements on older sites until most of the finishing touches are finished. Link is a compelling online library for more concerning the meaning behind it. My advice is always to never indulge in any of these link exchange programs and that if you are currently in one, to come out of it when possible.

There are lots of legitimate ways of selling a website including via creating articles and with good content that will stimulate other webmasters to want to link to your site.

I've to mention that for someone like myself who works very hard to promote my own web sites, that it is very frustrating to not be able to see the improvements in the page rank, as when I see my sites go up in page rank it gives me just a little boost and shows me that I am still doing the best things. In ways it will perhaps not really matter however as I am in a position to see my web sites have higher ranks in the search-engines, this itself of course will be the most significant point. It's also a good thing that google are trying to avoid the people who are trying to cheat their solution to the very best, that's of course if this is the true reasons why there has not been a page position upgrade for some time..