Marbles and its different varieties

Marbles and its different varieties

Marbles are adorable pieces formed over long temperature and pressure variations by a process called “metamorphism”.  Marbles possess the rare combination of dolomites, calcites and carbonates in its chemical structure. In this piece, we shall talk about the three major segregations of marbles:


1. Marmol Blanco
2. Snow White Marbles
3. White Marble Tiles


Who doesn’t want to make their houses look graceful including the kitchens?! That too when the very method of achieving this is just a few steps away. The marmol blanco slabs may be used in the kitchens as counterparts to add a novel and royal touch to kitchen décor. This is most importantly, a genuine choice for crowded kitchens as such ideas make the kitchen look neater and makes it long – lasting! So, why not go for the Blanco? It gives magic touch of elegance o the more crowded kitchens and helps to ease out the mess.


The white marble tiles are a rare attraction. The most noted fact about such tiles is its durability. Vietnam is really the “IT” places for purchases. There could possibly be no other guarantee in terms of the marble durability other than the city of Vietnam! White Marble Tiles are available in various shapes and sizes to begin with; one only needs to find out the quality and textures of these marbles. The color white itself brings such a lot of serenity and peace into the house; hence having one’s house interiors decorated using white tiles seems to be pretty magnificent.


Snow white marble is made up from pure limestone and hence is of much superior quality as compared to the others. Nevertheless, it is always a better option to browse through different websites to get a somewhat basic idea of the prices and additional offered. Also, before the purchase one must also check out the edges, a pure and high level marble shall never possess a crack or pore! The origin of such marbles is China but it is more famous in Vietnam for its enormous contribution in the Gross National Product (GNP). The color of such marble types is generally milky white as maybe understood from the name itself.


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