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Designed by New Yorkers for New Yorkers (thus added pockets for MetroCards, which are used for mulberry clutch sale subways and buses), the SALT denim line was launched last year, and the styles are named after streets in Manhattan. Danes recently requested St. Mark's, a lowrise straightleg that has turned into the hottest style for the fall. She also wore mulberry totesMulberry Street, a mediumrise boot cut, to NBC's Hurricane Katrina benefit in September. Keys sported an Orchard Street jacket and Mulberry Street pants to a Food Bank for New York City event in October. This summer, Simpson wore a pair of Avenue A jeans to her birthday party, and Holmes wore SALT jeans to a magazine interview.

What's the Mulberry Bags Outletappeal? SALT's four designers, all 30 and former employees at Levi's, AG and Paper Denim, go for a lessismore approach and mulberry satchel bags pride themselves on a clean, sophisticated design and sexy fit.

"We don't follow trends," says designer Victoria Allen. "We want our customers to mulberry messengerdefine their style. Our jeans are a tool for their selfexpression." SALT owner Salomon Smeke says, "Women rebelled against the lowrise craze and wanted to wear jeans that showed off their curves, without showing off too much."

Men, too, have a taste for SALT. McKenzie is partial to Essex Street, mulberry mens briefcases a lowrise, straight leg while Housewives' Jesse Metcalfe favors Bedford Street, a lowrise boot cut.