Fuji Electric 1D500A-030A Darlington Bipolar Transistor

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1D500A-030A is a perfect Darlington bipolar transistor module for home appliances.Having a collector current of 500A and a collector emitter voltage of 300V, this transistor operates on high voltage with large current capacity.


Though very light and compact at approximately 2.20 lbs., Fuji Electric 1D500A-030A has an amazingly sturdy design and housing that has high DC gain.Each terminal of this bipolar transistor power module is isolated from a mounting plate, making it strong and steady, suitable for heavy duty equipment, machinery, or any power supply it operates, in industrial, commercial, construction or even household settings. It is not a wonder why it passed UL standards!


A reliable DC motor is imperative for allhome appliances. Since these are part of our day to day routine, safety and durability is a must for every home. 1D500A-030A makes an appropriate power transistor module for a DC motor to run and operate these home appliances smoothly.