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GoFlight MCP Pro - another industrial level flight peripheral from GoFlight

When looking for an very correct Boeing 737 MCP panel for your flight simulator requirements, check on the GoFlight MCP Pro.

The MCP is made as an MCP and produced to be used as an MCP and absolutely nothing else, simply because with the default 737, FSX the mcp pro works without any problem. So - any and all of you who already own a GoFlight MCP Pro hardware module (and possibly its EFIS accompanying hardware) can now appreciate complete compatibility with the PMDG item line for FS2004 (737NG and 747-400 series, that is).

The A25 goflight firmware is supposed to assist the freezing issue on the mcp pro panel. There is a software by Andrew Aero Systems 737 Avionics that is supposed to function with the goflight mcp pro and efis. Also integrated is the GF-MCP Pro featuring a Boeing 737-style panel with full manage complement enabling full simulation of a Boeing 737 MCP.

The knobs can be managed either from the mcp pro or virtual cockpit. Turning the knobs from the virtual cockpit displays are updated on the mcp pro. The VRInsight MCP is much heavier than the GoFlight unit and has a much better base. The GF-MCP Pro attributes a Boeing 737-style panel with complete control complement.

Again it was really superb with the GoFlight MCP rather of using the virtual MCP, an impressive realism - awesome.

Now, manage your jetliner or turbo-prop with all the functions of a real airliner MCP. The GF-MCP Pro is also compatible with built-in FS2004 and FSX aircraft as an enhanced autopilot.

The GF-MCP Pro attributes a Boeing 737-style MCP panel with full functional and control complement. You need to verify with the GoFlight website about that.

You can have all the functionality of GoFlight modules totally configured, assembled, and tested in this personal pilot system. The addition of the MCP frees other equipments from their tasks and lets the MCP take over. By the way, MCP pro functions fine with default fsx planes.

When used with FS2004 and FSX add-on software program such as Project Magenta, the GF-MCP goflight mcp pro Pro enables full simulation of a Boeing 737 MCP. With continuing enthusiasm and innovation, the guys at GoFlight have made available new items.

A number of add-on aircraft packages are available for Microsoft Flight Simulator that provide much fuller simulation of these sophisticated aircraft autopilot systems, and permit high fidelity use of most, if not all, MCP Pro controls. The GoFlight software program enables the simmer to select on which system the MCP are to be used on. This is precisely what GoFlight has carried out with their large product portfolio which amongst numerous modules also contains a complete MCP (Mode Control Panel) that is a extremely realistic replica of a Boeing B737 MCP.

Using the Goflight MCP Pro with the FS9 version of LevelD 767 functions truly nicely. It is a good investment 1 can make for the hobby of flying.