Table Correlations for estimating the thermal properties

Table 3.
Correlations for estimating A66 thermal properties of Ag/WEG50.Thermo-physical propertyCorrelationRefs.Densityρnf=?ρp+(1-?)pbfρnf=?ρp+(1-?)pbf[24] and [25]Heat capacity(ρcp)nf=?(cp)p+(1-?)(ρcp)bf(ρcp)nf=?(cp)p+(1-?)(ρcp)bf[25]Viscosityμnfμbf=1+2.5?μbf=(1-?EG)μw+?EGμEG?EG=0.5[25]Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
Fig. 3. Experimental thermal conductivity of nanofluid at different temperature and volume fraction of nanoparticles.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Therefore, based on the temperature and volume fraction of nanoparticles, new correlation for thermal conductivity of nanofluid is sperm proposed as:equation(2)knfkbf=0.981+0.00114×T(°C)+30.661×?(vol.%)where T   is temperature and ?? is volume fraction of nanoparticles suspended in WEG50. Also, comparisons have been made to evaluate the accuracy and absolute average deviation of proposed correlation in comparison with Maxwell and Hamilton-Crosser correlations [23] against experimental data. According to obtained results, A.A.D% for proposed correlation, Maxwell, Hamilton-Crosser is 3.43%, 15.14% and 10.93% respectively (see Fig. 4).