Arani silk sarees

Arani is a city and a municipality in harga batik keris district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The town also has a big of silk weavers,called MUDALIYARS and pattu nool karar, who specialize in making silk sarees. Arni may be the number one in revenue earning in Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu.The Arni gold can be very valuble in gold market. The different avarieties of Arani silk sarees patterns are zari patch borders, eye-catching hand-woven motifs that are popularly the peacock, mango fruit and exquisite floral patterns. The pallu of the Arani silk saree is definitely its highlighting feature with traditional and trendy floral designs with motif embroidered. A distinctive feature of the Arani Silk fabric may be the idea of the half half saree. The half half Arani silk saree would have one colour or style or pattern on one half saree and the rest of the half is entirely different with another different color, and different pattern, and different design. Different of Arani silk sarees are natural silk sarees with appealing stripes and floral borders decorated with excellent floral patterns in Zari or multi-colour threads are combined with an elegant designer pallu with zari embroidered, for a rich feel. This Arani silk sarees are apt for wedding ceremonies, parties and traditional occasions. Folks of Arani produce silk sarees and handloom fabrics of good quality. Weaving is done by females and gents. First the yarn is normally washed and then dipped in the required colour which is in a boiler and the weavers continues on turning the yarn so that the colour is evenly mixed in the yarn. The most crucial aspect in this process may be the mixing of colours which will give unique and durable color to the fabric. Then it is again washed and dried. These yarns are then starched. The length of yarn which is definitely loaded as warp is known as Pavvu. A weaver can make four sarees in one pavvu. It will take weekly to weave one pavvu of four sarees. The looms used in Arani silk sarees are mainly Frame looms. Frame looms are looms which are set in a framework and looms peddle will end up being at the floor level and the weaver will take a seat on stool and use his hands and legs to weave. To create designs in the sarees, first the design is been made in a computer and then that design is punched into thick cards and this card is loaded into the Jacard in the loom, in order that according to the styles and the holes in the cards, the needles will draw and put the threads which will create designs in the saree while weaving. Unnati silks has widest types of ranges. Various kinds of models we can discover in Unnati silks like Casual wear, Party wear, Weading use, Traditional wear. In Unnati we are able to find different types of sarees and dress materials, tops, dupattas also. Womens are often interested on unique color and models of wearing. Each and every kind of models you will find in Unnati silks. At Unnati silks on-line products are very reasonable prices.