Four Advantages to Going Rep-less for Health Device Purchases

Until now, hospitals have had to purchase their medical devices from a medical device representative. This representative discussed the best devices to purchase and gave inside details on various models and types. While this information was often valuable, it typically came at a high price. orthopedic medical device are now available, cutting out the representative and saving hospitals a great deal of money. There are four benefits of going rep-less for medical device purchases.

Reduced Costs

Hospitals always need to be on the lookout for cost reductions. Whether this means shortening surgery times, reducing implant prices, or cutting out the expense of a medical device representative, the cost cuts need to be made somewhere. By cutting out the representative, costs can go down significantly, as there is a large cut involved for the representative whose devices get chosen.

No More Middle Man

Having a middle man is not ideal for many situations. Rather than taking the word of a representative who makes their living from getting a portion of the money paid for devices, hospital executives can go directly to the supplier for the information. They can cut out the middle man and avoid costs associated with them, only paying the actual device prices instead.

Affordable Devices

Orthopedic Spinal Implants come at a large cost, especially when purchasing from a rep. Repless Spinal Implants are more affordable devices, since they can be bought from a local supplier. Royal Oak Medical Devices offers affordable devices that hospitals can rely on.

Purchasing Plans

Not all hospitals have the same purchasing power. That is why facilities like Royal Oak have come up with various purchasing plans that meet a variety of needs. One plan may work well for one company, while an alternate plan would be better for another. The facility owners can sit down with the medical executives from hospitals and other health facilities and help them determine just which plan is right for them.

Orthopedic Spinal Instruments do not have to be purchased from a medical device representative. In order to save money and cut out the middle man altogether, hospitals and other medical facilities are now relying on rep-less medical devices found at local device companies. Companies like Royal Oak Medical Devices are offering a number of purchasing plans, as well as keeping their devices available for affordable prices, ensuring more and more hospitals become interested in converting to their rep-less method.