How can you walk around your life thinking that day might come? how can you be so sure? how can you be that naive? what if you have all of the stuff rented waiting for the day to come? all these ideas, waiting to be real, all these friends, waiting to drink and eat free stuff? how do you manage to handle the stress? how am i supposed to be chill? this is huge, and im not even engaged.. how can you say to the people you love that if he doesnt put a ring, it's over? how do you handle that situation? how can you tell him that you're not waiting another year, because you're gonna lose time that you actually dont have? how do you do that? isn't it heartless? isn't it ungratefull? isn't it wrong? but what if i'm the person that doesn't know how to exist without him? how am i supposed to handle that? do i wait or do i re-act? but like i said, i'm not even engaged yet...