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Whether it's worn as a functional jacket for outdoor activities or as trendy fashion wear, this is a nice camo jacket. It has a number of features that make it ideal for either use, including:
* Large zippered or velcroed outside pockets.
* A velcroed inside mesh pocket, also inside holders for pens.
* Inside drawstring to pull the jacket snugly around you.
* Hood with drawstring pulls to close it snugly around the face.
* Ventilation to allow air to circulate and moisture and sweat to evaporate.
* An inner lining of day-glow yellow for high visibility in emergency situations.
* Zippers are large enough to use with gloves on. Zippers have openings for attaching zipper pulls.
* Adjustable cuffs to keep out cold air and protect the back of your hands from briars and undergrowth that scratches.

The jacketTrekking is made of a comfortable fabric that's a blend of polyester and cotton. The stitching is uniform and tight, which is usually a dependable indication of quality construction. The camo pattern is different from other jackets that I've seen, but it should be ideal for forested or grassy terrain. It's a fairly lightweight jacket that weighed in at 1.9 pounds on my scales. It would be fine for mild or cool temperatures, but for subfreezing temperatures, you might want a heavier jacket, or maybe layer up with a sweatshirt under the jacket.

Overall, I give the jacket a big thumbs up. So does my 14-year-old nephew, who wants it so much that he'll be getting it for his birthday next month. He wears whatever is popular among teenagers, so I know the jacket works as trendy outerwear.

The jacket was provided to me for evaluation. I did not promise to post a review, but I stated that if I did review the product, it would be an honest, unbiased review.