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Elemental composition and density AMD 3465 PECS Si–C–N, SiHfCN(O) in as-sintered and after NaCl, Na2SO4, HF test conditions.System typeSi (wt%)Hf (wt%)C (wt%)N (wt%)O (wt%)Na (wt%)Cl (wt%)Density (g cm−3)(as-sintered)SiCN 1500 °C~26-~68~03~03––~2.07SiHfCN(O) 1300 °C~45~13~20~09~12––~2.05SiHfCN(O) 1500 °C~46~16~21~09~07––~2.81(After NaCl salt test)aSiCN 1500 °C~21-~48~01~24~03~03~1.92SiHfCN(O) 1300 °C~34~04~23~01~26~06~05~1.83SiHfCN(O) 1500 °C~40~06~24~02~22~03~02~2.52(After Na2SO4salt test)a,b––––––––(After HF acid test)cSiCN 1500 °C~39–~57~02~02––~1.2SiHfCN(O) 1300 °C~24≤1~64~04~06––NASiHfCN(O) 1500 °C~34≤1~60~02~02––NAa~1000 °C for 24 h.bSamples were completely corroded.c~90 ?C for 2 weeks.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV