milan Anteprima, Connection Between Companies And Fashion Houses

A few days ago offers under way the brand new York Fashion Week, event that each year batik keris journalists from all over the world, who are curious and ready to see the new creations of the very most important fashion designers, which will call the shots for following fashion season. The Fashion Week can be an historical event, which gathers pretty much 100.000 visitors every year.

In concomitance with the reviews that are positive that the reviewers made about the firsts important style designers who offered their creations for the autumn/winter 2012- 2013 (Derek Lam, DKNY, Custo Barcelona, Diane von Fustenberg), in Milan there were the well-known Anteprima in English, Preview), review of the papers which inaugurates the reasonable season in the administrative centre of Lombardy.

Just some days before Milan Fashion week (which will happen from the 22nd to the 28th of February) despite inclement weather conditions which has covered by snow Milan fashion designers, fashion dealers and some of the very most famous fashion houses in the world have gathered at the to talk about problems, opinions and anticipations for the growing season Spring/Summer 2013.

Very several the participations at the function, which gathered many companies that cope with leather treatments, textiles, components etc. which then, had the chance to dialogue with the giants of fashion ; the comparison brought out the actual fact that fashion houses associations with the sellers are changing: in tuning with global market tendency, the proclivity of griffe fashion houses is to buy the minimum level of leather and textiles materials, so that they can considerably reduce the in stock supply, making the orders just after the proven interest of people for their creations.

This determines a genuine changing in the task of tanneries, which now will have to organize their schedule according a completely different working method; certainly there wont be any more substantial orders from the fashion houses that have been managed through a massive production of a particular kind of material - but you will have small volumes of orders, which will need to be dealt in shorter times.

From Milan Anteprima there have been positive opinions for Italian tannery field, specifically for tannery businesses from Tuscany, which demonstrate to be able to match with the requests of the largest fashion houses and of the luxury field; coloration artwork, mastery of the fixative and of the approaches for the chemical remedies of the leathers, make Italian companies the many requested partner for haute couture fashion houses.

During the event have been analyzed not only the practical and commercial issues concerning the leather or textiles products; fashion houses and businesses have discussed even about ethical and environmental issues, and have shared the desire to make a certification overall weaving product of the style industry, making it possible to monitor the quality of the raw materials, of the merchandise used to treat the leathers and to permit the traceability of all the substances utilized by the textile and tannery industry to realize the final product.

Article written by Serena Rigato