The 5 Greatest Keyring Keychain Pocket Penknives

The key-ring penknife ought to be a kado unik, kado ulang tahun unik and durable knife without being too heavy in the pocket. Ever present, attached to the house or car keys, it is the low profile knife of last resort.
UK Legal Carry Folding Pocket Penknives
Keyring Penknives
Folding Pocket Penknives Below 20

1 - Spyderco Grasshopper Single Penknife C138 - The 2 2.3 inch long, 2.25 mm thicker blade is plenty of for some cutting tasks, pencil sharpening, bundle opening etc. The large handle-hole accomodates a keyring and large bunch of keys.

2 - Spyderco Honeybee Keyring Penknife C137- Scaled down version of the Spyderco Grasshopper Knife with slimmer, 1.6 inch blade, for a less bulky key-ring knife.

3 - SOG Micron Dark Tanto Keyring Penknife- The 1.5 in . blade SOG Micron is a feather weight, key-chain penknife with its skeletonised, black coated steel handle.

4 - Victorinox Classic Alox 3 Blade Penknife- The Victorinox Classic has the luxurious of scissors and nail-file with screwdriver together with its 1.5 inch blade.

5 - Victorinox Escort Keyring Penknife - The Escort contains toothpick and tweezers using its 1.5 inch blade and nail-file with screwdriver.