What is the difference between the Mail Lite envelope and regular envelopes?

The largest functional difference between Mail Lite envelopes and standard envelopes is that Mail Lite envelopes have an aircap bubble material lining that is added to enhance the cushioning of the envelope. This makes it possible to mail more fragile things that would be too risky to post via the regular envelopes.

Mail Lite bags also come with a unique self-strip seal. This makes it super easy to seal the envelopes before sending. The strip is also made with the recipient in mind so it is also very easy to strip it open upon receipt. This way, one can be sure that the contents of the mail bag will not be damaged during opening of the bag Jolly Coffee Police as it often happens with standard envelopes.

Unlike in standard bags, Mail Lite bags do not require the use of tape and other void filling material. This elimination of extra packaging material ultimately cuts down on the overall cost of postage. Even though the amounts saved may look negligible, the cumulative amount, especially for large organizations, is huge. The ease of use of the Mail Lite envelopes also helps increase the productivity of the employees- especially during the peak times of postage.

Standard bags can easily be tampered with. One can easily lift the lip of the envelopes; examine the contents and then careful seal it again using paper glue. However, this is not possible with Mail Lite envelopes. It is almost impossible to break the slip strip and restore it to its original state and form. For this reason, lite bags are very secure packaging material for sensitive documents.

Standard envelopes are too revealing. One can easily hold the bags against a source of light and predict with relative accuracy as to what the contents of the envelopes are. However, this is not possible with the Mail Lite bags. The bubble material lining that is used to improve cushioning of the documents being mailed also helps make the surfaces opaque. This means nosey people cannot peek in and guess what the contents are.

Last but not least, Mail Lite bags helps in the reduction of inventory. One bag typically fits a number of items depending on the size of the bag and the size of the items being posted. On the contrary, you cannot stuff too many items in the standard bags. Mail Lite envelopes can therefore be said to be more efficient.