Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

It's another week and another Monday, so it's time for another entry on my amazing blog (haha). This week I want to talk about what I think is necessary for a trip. Stuff that I think is essential to make that next trip run as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

A very important piece of equipment is a portable charging unit, possibly even two, as then you are covered all the time. You don't want to be without a camera when you need it most, just because of a flat battery. It happened to me once in Australia and now I make sure that will never happen again! Was so angry, haha.

A great pair of sunglasses are definitely needed, they are expensive and need to be looked after but they look and feel great!

I really love my music, it is a must on those sometimes long bus trips and plane rides. I'm not a great fan of those big bulky headphones, sometimes they are much too cumbersome! So I prefer to go for some nice high quaity in-ear headphones. If you go too cheaply then they tend not to last very long, so now I have a pair that I paid a high amount for, but they have lasted for more than 1 year so far, so it was a good investment. I've been looking recently for a friend and there are some very good deals to be had here, on the Apple iPhone earphones..

So that's it for another week, hopefully you guys got something from that and I will speak to you again soon!

My pleasure,