Above is the author used the Canon EOS 700 d actual pictures,

  Above is the author used the Canon EOS 700 d actual pictures, the first white-colored OPPO cellular mobile phone did not adjust the visibility settlement during the shooting,meizu-mx5.com of cellular mobile phone greyish shade. Added a second is taken after visibility settlement, you can see along with of the cellular mobile phone primary close to the original shade. , during the shooting of a genuine dark Nubia mobile phone started without modifying visibility settlement, the dark mobile phone to greyish environment at the same time fully revealed no information. Second reduces a visibility settlement, the impact is slightly better but along with is still not correct, finally decrease the two primary reduction visibility settlement to the real shade.  At this time, the impact of visibilityHDC phones settlement is reflected, for white-colored greater part topic field, we can appropriately increase when shooting a visibility settlement, main body shade of white-colored will be nearer to the real genuine white-colored. And the other way around, dark greater part topic scenes, can decrease a appropriate visibility settlement made by the object nearer to genuine dark colored.
  So, is this a set of theory for mobile phones for? The answer is yes. Users in the cellular mobile phone images, if you encounter (contrast) larger than mild field can also through modifying visibility settlement to make overall coordination.
  Above these images were taken in the great hall of the office, meizu m2 notethe first photo shot in automatic mode, you can see behind due to the strong mild, rockery overall high brightness led to lack of information. In this case, decrease a visibility settlement shoot again we found that the facts of the rockery got more show.