Email marketing best practices

Email marketing best practices

Email marketing best practices


If you’ve been in marketing (affiliate, network, online, mlm) you have heard the statement above over and over.  You should be emailing your list. In order to build your tribe and connect your list has to know that you exist.  Too often we build a list and the list sits there.  Then a promotion starts on and boom,  you are advertising to your list.  At this time you want everyone on your list to buy your product.  No relationship established and now everyone should be from you.

The wrong move.  You want to add value to your list ever chance you get.  You want your list to know you are real and not just using them.  By not emailing your list you are living money on the table, when there is money involved and you are placing a gap between you and your list.  If you have not emailed you list in a while, you should start doing this immediately.

How often should you email your list

Before I go into how often you should email your list.  If you have not email your list in a while, the first thing you need to do is re-establish your relationship.  Reintroduce yourself to your list.  I will go into this a little later.  Not to long ago, a rumor was traveling through the marketing world that emails are dead.  Contrary to the truth.  Just about every notifications you receive is through an email.  Corporate america emails constituents daily.  When I open my personal email box I see educational emails, bill notification emails, did you know emails, weather apps emails, and more.   I receive these emails up to 4 times a day – “overkill.” So when I see these emails I don’t open them, I hit select all and than deselect the ones I want to read.  The ones I want to read comes in one time and only one time.  How often you should email your list?  At least once daily.  However, there are exceptions to this.  These exceptions would be when you want to notify your list about a training or webinar.  Usually, you can email your list one hour before and than a half an hour before everything starts.

Reintroduce Yourself

If you have a list and want to reacquaint yourself your do not focus on a selling a product.  Yes this can come later; however, not in the beginning.  So, what do you do?  Give them value.  Let them know what you know.  If your niche is weight loss send an email daily about meal plans and workout routine.  For example, “did you know if you eat this daily this will happen.”  “If you interested in tighten up you abs; here is a new routine.”  The same with network marketing.  “I found this cheat sheet and want to share with you.”  Think free when you are trying to reintroduce yourself.

How Long Should Your Email Be

As I mentioned before, the average Joe is receiving approximately 20 to 30 emails daily.  What are the chances your list will read your email if it’s long – slim.  My recommendation when sending emails to your list is to keep it simple and to the point.  Use the “4 W’s” and 1 “H” rule… What, When, Where, Why, and How. All 5 will not apply each time; however, it will allow you to get your message across quickly.  I am more apt to read an short email that get to the point than a long email that drags things out.  So, how long should your emails be?  You decide.  If you are making things up and the content is not flowing well, it’s time to stop.