Hajj mobile application is recently launched in three languages

This application is prepared by Dr. Najeeb who is well known scholar of Hadith. Dr. Najeeb is rewarded for this app by King Faisal of Saudia Arab.

This application is in three different languages and those are Urdu, English and Hindi. This application is about Hajj e Mabroor and it contains books about Hajj and Umrah, Speeches, Hajj and Umrah presentation on 21 different articles. This application will surely a guide for the pilgrims. They can get information from the application without any internet connection. Many question and answers on hajj and Umrah are also available in this unique application.

This is very unique app of its kind which is providing great information on Hajj and Umrah in three various languages.

The second application is on Islam that consists of 175 articles, 75 different speeches and 7 books. This is the first application in the world with rich information on Islam in three languages and this has 21 religious topics.

Dr. Najeeb said “Now a days, Elements which are against Islam are distracting muslims from Quran and Hadith. This anti-Islam material is published in different European languages and our muslim scholars don’t know about them. About 70 organiation of Germany are currently working on creating doubts in muslim’s mind and weakening there faiths about islam.”

Founder member of Jamia Millia, Dr. Sahafatullah, said: “Internet is the easy way for collecting information. It can be use for various purposes, for removing misconception of Islam and Muslim. We need to use internet for good Islamic purposes it can make life easy for people.”

Highlighting the features of these two apps, Dr. Qasmi said: “New technology has been used to develop these apps. Users can find them in Play Store or App Store by simply typing “Najeeb Qasmi” or “Hajj e Mabroor” and install them within two minutes.