How to Date and Deal with Herpes

How to Date and Deal with Herpes

Going on a date is a stage where two human being spend time and get to know each other better. This phase will determine if the two people dating can start something serious together or despite the differences. And one of the biggest hindrance in finding the right one is when you are dealing with Herpes. Herpes is a disease that cannot be cured but its outbreaks can be minimized. So if you handle your situation right, dating and getting close with someone should never be a problem. So here are tips how to handle dating and dealing with Herpes at the same time.


In today’s time, one of the most common way of dating people is through internet dating. Internet dating is a way for two people, located near or far from each other, to spend time and talk with each other. This is actually a good medium for anyone with Herpes to get to know someone without the need to tell the other person what you are going through but still be able to connect. When thing start to get serious, it is best to let him know and explain the risks involved. However, be careful as internet is also home to people with fake identities so make sure of the authenticity of what the other person said before believing it. Its best to plan a real date and meet the person’s friends to verify how real the person’s story is.


Once the two of you have finally decided to meet, you may or may not have told him about your situation. And this is acceptable because you also need to be sure that the person is real. Just as long as you maintain a casual interaction between each other, you are not doing anything wrong. Now dating face-to-face is also a good opportunity for you to connect and let the other person see and know the kind of person you are.


Do here are more tips how to do it right and make a great first impression:


Dress well

The very first thing a person will notice about you is the way you dress. So be sure that you dress appropriately based on the location where you two will date, the activity both of you will do and that it's the perfect definition of your personality. For instance, if you have not yet explained about your condition then it's best if you don’t dress provocatively so the date will be less tempting to do anything sexual. If the date also involves doing any outdoor activity, be sure to not wear anything that will make it hard for you to move fast such as heels, short skirt without shorts underneath.


Wear the right kind of makeup or accessories

If you are a lady, wear the right kind of makeup. You can wear full makeup if the date will be in a formal dining restaurant but not when it's a walk in the park. Don’t wear too much makeup or accessories too if you will do any outdoor activity as it will make your makeup melt as you sweat and too much accessories will hinder you from doing anything comfortably.


Give and Take

Take your time to talk and share your life but don’t forget that you also need to let the other person talk and share his life. Regardless if the other person is a talker or not, ask and give him time to speak up so you can also get to know him. Remember that you also need to learn more about the other person and determine if he or she is good partner in your life. It is actually your call whether you will say about your condition in person or after the first date. But if he or she is someone that doesn’t interest you, it is no longer necessary to tell the other person as long as you have decided not to continue dating him.