Did you correctly you use the air conditioning in a car? Tips for proper use - New York diabetes

The proper use of vehicle air conditioning system is very important both from the point of view of road safety and comfort. Driving with excess heat or too much cold can cause decreased attention. Or for example, not being able to defog the windshield effectively, can make have an accident.

It is therefore very important to become familiar with the various commands of our vehicle available. As each car is different, it is important to read the manufacturer's manual to find out what it does and how each one works.

The use of air conditioning fuel shoots 15 to 20 percent, depending on the efficiency of the system. That is why in terms of speed and outside temperature, we sometimes compensates out the windows down instead of air conditioning.

We can locate a virtual barrier at approximately 70 km / h. Below this speed or what is the same, mainly in town, from the point of view strictly of savings, we compensated more out the windows down.

When we overcome that speed and due to the loss of our vehicle aerodynamics and uncomfortable slipstream that can be created inside the passenger compartment is better carry ups and air conditioning running.

If your vehicle has air conditioning only, we must put in place a moderate, so that the air does not blow on us directly speed. It is best to throw it toward the front bezel and is distributed throughout the cabin.

If instead we have climate control, ideally position the thermostat at 20 or 22 degrees, regardless of the outside temperature. So we placed maximum comfort and avoid the typical colds due to air conditioning.

There may be some point we need to lower it because, for example, you are pasting in direct sunlight. But once we approach our destination, it is advisable to raise the temperature slightly to avoid when we go out we suffer a thermal shock by the difference in degrees inside and outside.

Similarly, when we ride in the vehicle, the first two or three kilometers can circulate with the windows down and then connect the system. So avoid forcing the system to work with the engine cold and also help to heat exchange with the interior as movement extract hot air from the interior.

For winter operation is similar but avoid putting too high a temperature as it can provoke sleepiness and also take into account the advice we gave to prevent you tarnish the front window