How to Win a Freestyle Battle - Tips For Hip Hop Freestyle Battles

Freestyle rapping is still one of the most popular kinds of rapping today. Whether it be for entertainment or even in a contest environment knowing how to rap freestyle may be an extremely cool and entertaining skill to have. If you are realities article you are prepared to find out this skill and are willing to dominate the next struggle with your mates or win another freestyle competition which you be involved in.

First try talking for 10 mins without rhyming and without having a beat. For newbies this is quite difficult. With practice you will soon think it is possible. When you get the hang with this start adding some words that rhyme and provides it some structure as lines. At this point there's no need to possess flow. For now it will be difficult enough taking your words to rhyme. After a few months of the you will be decent therefore it is time for it to begin some impromptu freestyling. Freestyle about anything and everything. When you make breakfast - regarding the bread. On your way to school - Freestyle about your exam.

The advantage of recording you battles is basically that you then have the opportunity to concentrate and analyze it. Look for everything you did wrong. Look for locations that you are able to increase your abilities. Look at what brought a reaction in the audience. What places inside the battles really worked or were high points, and then seek out the locations where just didn't work to suit your needs or even the audience.

Develop And Work On A Style - This is very vital that you do because when you have a rapping style that you feel like you grasp it will make your free styling easier to do. Maybe you feel relaxed rapping fast or you like more of a slow more calculated style. Whatever style fits you could be the style that you should stay with.. I personally recommend using much more of slower style because when you're speaking slower it provides you with additional time to consider what you should say next.

3. In my opinion you should have some a higher level confidence. Rapping can be  a very aggressive way of music and requirements confidence to perform. Why learn how to rap if you aren't prepared to demonstrate your new talent for many to determine. I strongly believe confidence can be the difference between an OK rapper plus a great rapper, consider getting your confidence up!