Improve Your Bedroom Decor With Distressed Furniture

A great way of getting a rustic, vintage look in your house is by using distressed furniture .There are lots of distressed pieces you can find on the market for every room in your home. You have the option of getting one or two pieces for a touch of age, or to model your entire room with distressed items for your interior decoration theme.

Distressed bedroom furniture is perfect for a Victorian theme. Apart from distressed beds, there are also dressers, armoires, chests of bedside and drawers cabinets for your bedroom as well. Now the question is: How do I get these distressed bedroom items?

Varieties of Distressed Pieces of Bedroom Furniture

First of all, you should know which varieties of distressed items for your bed room are in the market. The key types are distressed pieces and naturally distressed pieces artificially. These two have different qualities and prices which need to be considered before you buy any distressed piece.

Naturally distressed pieces are those which get the vintage or rustic look owing to real aging processes. Owing to this quality, most of the naturally distressed pieces will most be antiques and hence more expensive probably.If this is what you prefer, make sure you verify the history of the piece before you make your purchase.

Artificially distressed pieces, however, are more affordable and you get the same rustic look in your bedroom still.You will still need to take caution so that you do not get a man-made distressed item at the price of antiques. In order to avoid this, you should shop for distressed furniture from the right places.

Where to Purchase Distressed Bedroom Items

Start from the Internet to find either type of distressed furnishings.You will encounter the phrases "shabby stylish" when looking for distressed items, which fundamentally refers to artificially distressed items coated white or cream.Painted distressed pieces do add a very classic French look to your bedroom, so do consider them when doing your shopping.

After your initial Internet search, you should go to your local furniture store to buy your distressed pieces. At the store the chance is had by you to examine the distressed bedroom items for yourself, and if you prefer, you can order for your own unique pieces to be made for you. When shopping, you should look at the actual size of the furniture to fit in your bedroom, the details in the painting, and additional accessories to match your choice of distressed bed. If you are buying your distressed pieces from an antiques store, consider these factors very cautiously. Check more about Furniture Stores in Bangalore and Online Furniture Shopping in Bangalore .

Once you buy your distressed bedroom furniture, you now need to know how to arrange them in your bedroom and what kind of bedding go well with the pieces. The distressed bed is the main focus in the bedroom often, with the rest of the distressed pieces surrounding it.

You can then use pastel-colored bedding if you have the shabby stylish distressed furniture, or go with rich colors like reddish colored, deep brown and dark green for brown or black rustic furniture. Remember that there is always room for creativity with distressed furniture, so use these pointers to redecorate your bedroom with the perfect classic pieces.