Factors That Will Affect Your Bathroom Remodelling Estimates

Many persons today are considering the option of remodelling their bathroom for a more luxurious feel. However, having an idea of how much this will cost can be extremely helpful in assisting persons to set a budget and plan how and when the remodelling will take place. One of the places that persons tend to go to get an idea of the cost is the internet and remodelling magazines. In most cases these will only give you the average cost which you may find to be different from the actual estimate. As a result, you need to at least have an idea of the various factors that can affect your estimate and how the average cost is calculated.

The average bathroom remodelling estimate found in magazines and on the internet is normally calculated in three groups namely, the average, upscale or custom and economy group.

The Economy class refers to a remodelling that does not require installing or moving plumbing fixtures. Hence it is a reflection of the homeowner trying to achieve the remodelling of their bathroom at the lowest cost possible and hence this option also assumes the use of materials of a low quality.

The Average refers to remodelling with the help of a contractor and use materials of standard quality. This figure will take into consideration buying new plumbing fixtures but not necessarily moving anything.

The Upscale or Custom estimate takes into consideration the use of materials of a high quality, the purchasing of new plumbing fixtures and specialty items as well as a contractor.

Most times these categories of estimates are mentioned yearly in remodelling magazines, however there are factors which can cause the estimates you receive from contractors to be different such as

The time of year that you plan to do your remodelling can affect your cost by as much as 15% during the slower periods of the year like around Thanksgiving.

The amount of work that you plan to contribute to the project, like whether you plan to do the designs on your own or use the services of an architect or bathroom design ideas, or whether you plan to do things like painting and so on. All these will mean that there is less for the contractor to do and hence can have a great impact of the price you pay to remodel.

Where you are located can also affect the cost, as the cost of materials and labour varies from region to region, and can cause a difference of as much as 20%.

If you so desire you can use the average cost to get a basic idea of your remodelling project. However to get a more detailed and accurate estimate, it is best to take advantage of the many free estimates that are available on line. These estimates will take into consideration, your location, the amount of work you want don, the design you have in mind, the amount of work the contractor will have to do and the timeframe in which you would like this to be completed.


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