Making Toys With Fun Size Candies

Fun Size Candy ToysEach school year, elementary school parents are faced with providing fun snacks for the students in their child's class. Many schools don't allow homemade snacks any more to keep everyone safe and help prevent the spread of illness. Snacks must be prepackaged and individually wrapped.

Creative parents want very much to have fun snacks for their children to hand out. With fun sized candy and a little glue or tape, these fun candy toys can be created.

Making Doll Candy


Small box of raisins2 packages of smarties2 packages of sixlets1 starlite mint or other round wrapped candyProcedureLay the box of raisins flat.Glue the ends of the sixlets to the sides for arms.Glue the smarties to the bottom for legs.Glue the mint to the top for a head.Enjoy.Create a Fun Airplane Candy


small package of lifesavers2 sticks of doublemint or similiar gum2 small round candiesProcedureLay lifesavers flat.Glue on stick of gum to the top of the lifesavers.Turn over and glue the other stick of gum to the bottom of the lifesavers. These two sticks of gum form the wings.Glue small round candies to the bottom for wheels.Enjoy.How to Make a Toy Train


1 roll of lifesavers1 candy kiss4 starlite mints or similiar round candies or starburst candiesProcedureLay the lifesavers flat.Glue the mints to the sides like tires on a trainTurn over so standing on wheels.Glue kiss to the top for smokestack.Removing the kiss creates a car instead of a train.Enjoy.These fun toys can be made for holidays or birthday party treats. Kids will love making them for each other. The toys can be played with and eaten as the child gets hungry. Adults enjoy getting these treats as well.

The toys can be made more nutritious by using raisins in the place of long items. The other candies can be sugar free to cut back on the amount of sugar children are consuming.

Kids love passing out "homemade" goodies to their friends at school. Most schools don't allow creativity through homemade treats. These homemade treats are perfectly safe and welcomed at schools all around the world. They are simple enough for kids to help create, but look very cool. Others will be impressed with the creativity of the giver.

Fun sized candies are available throughout the year. Seasonally the candies go on sale. A prudent shopper can shop at these times and keep the candies to make the toys later. The candy will stay fresh if kept in a cool place. The chocolates can be frozen and brought to room temperature for toy making.