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Top Tips to Save on Car Insurance Most 70 year olds happen to be driving for a time and though it may look like reasonable to become motivated to re-apply for the licence every 3 years with a medical declaration, youd hope your motor insurance costs would reflect your decades of experience. However, it appears that more elderly motorists are considered and the higher chances by some insurance agencies. More expensive cars can be more expensive to insure quite often. This is true to some extent because expensive cars are usually financed, so when you finance a vehicle, youll probably be asked to purchase whats loosely generally known as full coverage insurance. Basically, such a car insurance will handle your car in the event you cause any sort of accident, should you dont cause any sort of accident but someone else does who does not have enough insurance to pay for your damages, or if your automobile is stolen or damaged by weather, a fire, etc. Obviously, this is the most high-priced kind of insurance because the insurer must handle much more risk. This is why it can save you a lot of money when you purchase a cheaper car that you dont have to finance. Some of these factors include non-controllable circumstances, such as your age and gender. Though someones occupation and residence are controllable factors, we scarcely hear about anyone leaving town or changing careers just to get a better deal on car insurance. On the other hand, it is not very uncommon for any driver to improve vehicles simply to avoid high rates. When you compare finance insurance rates type in your automobile model for the rough estimate, or research the Blue Book value with an idea about the cars market price. There are also reliable resources in New York which will help you in selecting finance insurance agencies. The New York State Department can assist you, in locating a legit ad affordable insurance carrier to your car. You can either outlay cash a try I person, contact them or simply visit their site. With just a couple of clicks, every now and then, you will get what youre seeking. The database is big, but if you restrict your quest, specifying what you look for, youll get a loans insurance policy. c) Insurance comparison also involves taking a closer look with the discounts that companies give for safe drivers. Some insurance firms can also give discounts to drivers which have completed courses cheap young driver insurance cheap car insurance young driver car insurance for young drivers on defensive driving. Most insurance agencies specifically give specifics of safe driver discount once they offer you their quote.