9 golden rules to buy the watches

A foreign Men's Diesel watches website "Ask us anything" section every week received numerous problems, most recently a men's health magazine to them for help, they have a magazine section is devoted to offering men over their lifetime regular supply of skill of course watch was one of them. Their questions are: "Do you know there are people who purchase (wearing) Table tips that every man should know about?
1.You a "diesel" the watch must have;
Diesel: compliment, referring to quality, not easily broken, while the design of classic watches.
2. replacement tire makes a nephew rejuvenated;
3. be able to do this, turntable device (cabinet) can be considered;
4. soap and warm water to clean the watch is sufficient.
5. wearing a loose lattice, prolong service life of the belt;
6. buy watches when the size of the Diesel watches are essential;
7. readability should be your priority when purchasing the watch;
8. different occasions to wear different styles of diesel watches;
9. to buy the table is not an investment;