Meir Ezra: Money Worries

Meir Ezra: Money Worries


Meir Ezra - How do you solve money problems?


1. Worry


2. Hope


3. Cheat or steal


4. Wait for someone to give you money


5. Whine and complain


6. Hope even more


Of course, none of these solutions help you gain more money.


An abundance of money is your only solution.


"I answer money problems with lots of money, not with worry or sadness or impractical hope." – L. Ron Hubbard


You solve your money problems by making money. No other solution is as reliable.


Six Examples


1. You are trying to sleep, but you can't stop worrying about your money problems. 


So you get out of bed and write a plan on how to make more money. You spend three hours figuring out exactly what you must do, step by step. You even work out several deadlines. You are confident your plan will work and can't wait to start on it in the morning. You jump back into bed and fall asleep.


2. You play the lottery every day and hope you will win. It's your only plan for getting rich. You decide to take more action.


You search the Internet for "How to Win the Lottery" and find dozens of opinions. You suddenly realize the lottery is for fools.


Your mind suddenly feels clearer. You decide to determine your own future. You believe the best way to increase your income is to make yourself into a more valuable worker. You use your lottery ticket money to pay for a night class.


3. You really like helping the elderly and work as an assistant manager job in a rest home. A friend takes you to lunch to tell you about his idea. "With your connections, we can get these people to pay $500 for fake funeral insurance. They'll never know it's a con because they'll be dead!" 


You want more money, but believe you have the ability to earn money, not steal it. You say, "Not for me. I don't want anything to do with it. Don't ask me again."


You then think of a plan to help the residents with their finances so no one can steal from them. The idea grows to include financial management for these people's taxes, investments and insurance. You and your boss form a partnership with you in charge of the program.