Easy Breezy Clothing Natural Fabric Clothing and Accessories

Easy Breezy Clothing Natural Fabric Clothing and Accessories


Welcome to Easy Breezy Clothing- Easy Breezy Clothing is 100% Natural Fabric Clothing and Accessories made in Thailand from the finest cotton gauze and rayon knit materials


The cotton gauze is made from a Thai cotton flower which produces a very delicate spun cotton fiber that creates a material that is both soft, strong and extremely durable. 

Easy Breezy Clothing is made up of 3 cotton weaves: 1) Light-weight fiber (Salu) 2) Medium-weight fiber (Padip) and 3) Double light-weight fiber (Salu Double). The naturalness of all of the cottons allows the fabric to be dyed in a wide variety of rich, vibrant colors lasting for years to come.


The rayon knits are made from the finest regenerated cellulose fiber – purified cellulose made from wood pulp. For maximum strength, comfort and fit, it is blended with the finest lycra.


All Easy Breezy Clothing is 100% low maintenance and perfect for holiday destinations, casual and office-wear.


Best washed in cold or tepid water and hand dried.  It will not shrink or run and no ironing necessary, which makes it ideal clothing for travel and cruise destinations.


Easy Breezy Clothing evolved over a number of years, during which time owner, Diane Louise Roy would take frequent trips to Thailand between music engagements in Europe, where she performed for 22 years as a singer, pianist and vocal coach.

Diane fell in love with the beautiful natural surroundings and the beauty, kindness and artistic ways of the Thai people.


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