Two OF THE VERY MOST Popular Michael Kors Wrist Watches

Michael Kors pieces are one of the most popular timepieces in the global world. If you are a lady and you are planning of shopping for the pieces, here are two of the most popular:

Michael Kors MK5650 Ritz

It has been symbolic of feminism for years and years. It comes with great features such as knurled gold tone top ring that gives the watch a great texture thus you feel comfortable wearing it. The precious metal tone top ring supports increasing the watch's' smoothness and style.

To increase durability, the timepiece has a stainless steel case. Get the most expensive luxury ladies watches in India through luxury watch stores. Explore the top 10 watches brand in Thailand to buy for men and women.The situation ensures that the watch doesn't wither, rust or break easily.

The timepiece also includes a durable mineral crystal that protects and an extra coat of protection that supports protecting your watch from scratches and dents.

Although, most of the existing watches are water resistant, the most unique thing with Michael Kors 038

Ritz is that you can dive up to fifty meters deep and you will not affect it.

To create a high end looking watch screen, the device comes mk wristwatches with a three-hand analog screen that is luminous with a quartz motion. These devices has three sub-dials with crystal accented hour maker also.

Michael Kors MK5039 Ritz

It offers an excellent combination of practicality and design. It's perfectly size for the feminine wrist; therefore, you shall feel very comfortable when wearing it. If the arranged size is too big or small for you, the timepiece includes a clasp that is very secure and easy to fasten and unfasten using a finger action.

It's created from durable plastic resin that has been coupled with gold-toned stainless. Since the materials used in making it are durable, you can be assured that the timepiece shall last for a long period.

The combination of gold and stainless in making the timepiece makes the watch ideal to wear with different clothes and accessories.

It steps 14 mm by 36 mm. This size is neither large nor small which gives it a stylish look. Not only is it elegant, it's also water-resistant and gets the capacity for working properly even though the pressure gets to 99 feet.


These are two of the most popular Michael Kors watches that you can buy. The watches go at different prices and sold at different stores. When buying them, always ensure that you obtain reputable stores in order to avoid buying a fake product.