Traffic Shield Features

Traffic Shield Sets Up All of your Websites On CloudFlare For You Abusing The perfect Settings
With Time Tested Rules Established On 2,000 Websites For upwards of Couple of years
Traffic Shield makes use of time tested rules and setup giving your internet site the top performance and security.

Traffic Shield is auto created to block and challenge the highest pest countries automagically.
traffic shield likewise applies a blocklist of recognized traffic hogs and insects which means you don’t want to do anything.
Your websites will improve your performance and abuse less website resources simultaneously.
All of this equals quicker load speeds on your visitors, higher Google rankings plus much more secure sites.
Conserve Hours, Technical Headaches & & Protect Every one of your Websites Simultaneously In a Couple of Clicks

Merely input your entire sites, click “Create Accounts”, then buy some new domain registrar once it’s all completed.
No downtime ever while switching to Traffic Shield. Your websites will clearly be quickly protected.

Every needed setting that might hours to perform manually , is automatically configured for you on your entire websites.
Automobile Obstructs Bad Traffic, Hackers & & Other Scumbags
Traffic Shield automatically establishes “Bad Traffic” blocking.

Whilest your sites they are under CloudFlare, you'll get unrivaled protection from understood and new pests.
The service immediately keeps a record of behaviour and obstructs or challenges suspect visitors.

Traffic Shield has an additional list of recognized culprets and traffic hogs that happen to be likewise omitted for you personally automatically.
Instantly Accelerate Your Websites By Around Completely & & Enhance your Google Rankings
Traffic Shield start a powerful feature in CloudFlare that instantly disperses copies of one's site everywhere accross the planet.

This functions as a major benefit for how long your websites are accessed, it's delivered with the closest possible datacenter, enormously lowering the load time.
As a fringe benefit, traffic shield application review minimizes your processor and database load, instantly providing a ready variation of your pages.

Google prefers faster packing sites, so any speed boost to your site definitely will increase your rankings.
Protected All Your Websites Utilizing The most Powerful Security Network On earth
No Intricacy, No Hassle, No Plugin Clashes, No More Bad Traffic

Traffic Shield Does All The Effort Available for you
Blocks scrapers, bots & & hackers Increase SEO score by means of enhanced website speed
DNS redundancy for optimum Uptime
Prevent Google Reverse DNS Charges
Increase your websites by up to Totally
Lower server loads approximately 70 %
Autoblock & & challenge bad countries
Supports Win XP,7,8,10 (MAC on Parallels)

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Traffic Shield Features
Traffic Shield Features