L.A.-area dentist charged with string of arson crimes

A Los Angeles-area dentist will appear in court on Tuesday to face charges that he started fires that torched rival dental offices in Camarillo, reports Ventura County officials. Leopold Weinstein, a Moorpark resident, was arrested on Friday and booked on three counts of arson of a structure, three counts of attempted arson and possession of a silencer.

Surveillance video allegedly documents the 63-year-old man in the act of committing arson to a dental establishment that was damaged by fire last June. It was the same building where authorities said they found large amounts of flammable liquids on the rooftop. Shortly thereafter, another dental site in Camarillo was set ablaze.

For the past six months, investigators say they had no idea who was setting the fires, until they received a photo Click here to know more. from an area resident. The image depicted a vehicle that was spotted near one of the dental offices, during a peculiar hour. It was reportedly the same car noticed at or close to previous arson incidents.

On January 28th, 2015, a sixth, and final act of arson was committed by Leopold Weintein at the original dental building that was targeted in June of 2014, stated detective Michael Rompal. Surveillance provided investigators a positive identification and caught Leopold Weinstein in the act of setting fire to the building. [Weinstein's] motives are not clear, but he too is a dentist and it appears it was financially motivated.

Most dentists working in the Camarillo area earn about $55,000 per year, with top dental specialists bringing home annual paychecks in the six-figures, according to current employment data.

The Ventura County Crime Stoppers unit had offered a reward of up to $1,000 for information which would lead to the arrest and criminal complaint against the person or persons responsible for committing the string of arson crimes.

Weinsteins bail was set at $250,000.