the Folk Music Greensleeves

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Throughout the seventeenth century English Civil Battle, Royalist supporters adopted the melody and added political lyrics. And as early as 1686, the melody of Greensleeves - arguably the most well-liked piece of music in the 17th century - had been applied to a Christmas hymn. Even the conventional music of spurned love has had lyrics added and amended in multiple versions all through the ages. Since my very early childhood, Greensleeves has been a favorite piece of music. It's not aggressive, but hopefully it doesn't come across as effeminate both (despite the fact that the unique lyrics involved a Woman Greensleeves!)

The lyrics are richly evocative and poignant phrases of unrequited love - that is also a sentiment to which I can relate. (The 'inexperienced sleeves' may even seek advice from grass stains because of a behavior of constructing love outdoors!) Nevertheless, the song lyrics point out a 'discourteous rejection of the singer's advances' suggesting to some that the woman in query was virtuous, however maybe mistaken for a prostitute because of her inexperienced sleeves. Ummm... Looking at the authentic Tudor lyrics this music is extra possible an erotic or defamatory/demeaning poem.

Actually the composer of these lyrics seems very aggrieved at his treatment by 'Girl Greensleeves', and but retains a heartfelt desire that at some point she will return in form his love and devotion. Cynically, perhaps his essential grievance comes from the cash george hentu's music he has bestowed (wasted) on her, but talking as somebody who has skilled unrequited love, I must admit to a feeling of sympathy for this composer of music who lived so way back, and who maybe merely wished for the love of his life to return his love. I discover the lyrics enchanting even though they are quite sad in the expression of unrequited love.

I even had some enjoyment of singing the lyrics that you just included while enjoying the video of Adrian Brett enjoying the Greensleeves melody on the flute. I do know the tune (with different lyrics) forms a part of the rating of 'How the West was Received', and apparently also features in an Elvis Presley movie 'Keep Away Joe', but I'm positive it should appear in some guise or other in a number of others - significantly English historical dramas. The nation music songs of many very gifted, award profitable country music singers and country musicsongwriters.