Asian Fashion blockbuster - match color imagination blooming like flower

Guide vocabulary] In the harga batik keris that much less lightsome, how to use of japanese fashion dress trap, no longer be surrounded by dark, white and grey? Quickly remove palette of Paul Gauguin, Frida and Picasso, sprinkling you color match creativity.

Printing headscarves provides the mysteriousness just like the painting Gal with a Pearl Earring. Innocent eyes that is as very clear as jewel earrings, the flaming lip, transfering the independence and vitality spurting out under deep purple. Suggested matching: fashion layer - Romance Was Born earrings - Marni Headscarves - Kenzo ring - Swarovski, Alexis Bittar, MIXOLOGY Calm and aloof black falls deeply in love with brilliant and untrammeled flower color. Sparkle crashing just like night and day is in the same time, big pure color lump exactly like mighty lovers wanting to use maturity's simple to control and emphasize the fearless and natural beauty. Multi-level combine match that looks appear messy, showing carelessly free of charge and easy and self-self-confidence, sending out the lofty sentiments of artist handing palette and combining style and West design. Suggested matching: Akira coat A piece of Wholesale fashion pant - belt Ackermann Haider turban Marni Tall canister socks Wolford Bracelet Dinosaur design

Vintage nifty wave point brave stripe, with blue melancholy tone balancing extreme lively. Texture and warmth of leather, let ultra thin fabrics find the guts of gravity of fashion, clean find fashion. Fine and smooth, only for highlight the strong brushstroke sapphire of painter that hotshot, merging with exaggerated gems and leather sense of history to create chemical reaction.

Suggested matching: printed t-shirt Walker,stripe trouser Marc By Marcs Jacobs, Belt Wood Wood, Birkin bags Hermes, Socks Levante, bind high-heeled shoes and boots Yves Saint Laurent , Necklaces, bands Dinosaur Design For more style information, please visit !