5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves

GPS Tracking Keeps Cars Safe From Theft Did you know that car thieves usually steal average family cars such as the Accord, Camry and trucks just like the F-150? Most people believe that criminals would prefer to steal exotic autos at least luxury cars but you are following the normal, every single day cars that many people drive. When it comes to theft, no other state comes close to California. Fresno, Modesto, Bakersfield, Spokane, Vallejo, Sacramento, Stockton, Visalia, San Francisco/Oakland and Yakima will be the cities with amount of thefts inside nation. The location that your car is parked can evaluate if the auto will be appealing to would-be thieves. When possible, your automobile should be left inside a secure car park that employs an attendant or has security camera systems. However, its not always possible. When you cant leave your automobile in a very secure lot, choose a well-lit and public spot which is clearly visible to the majority people in the region. A secluded parking spot is inviting to criminals and raises the likelihood that your particular car would be a target for crime. You should know to prevent leave your keys inside your car, however, many folks have decided this is okay, for reasons unknown. Leaving your keys in your car is essentially like handing them over to the criminal and telling him, "Enjoy!" A related scenario is leaving your car unlocked, and even hiding another pair of car keys somewhere in your vehicle. These are one of the worst things you can do, since you are practically waving a flag and telling website visitors to steal your car or truck. Hard insurance fraud is the place any covered person efforts to stage or lie about actual accidents or every time a person would actually apply for medical bills and treatments unrelated to your motor vehicle accident. Another example can be declaring claims in the event the policy holder had nothing to do with the accident. Many people also employ identity fraud by utilizing wrong state number plates to get lower insurance premium costs. Another example can be driving within the name of the father, when you are able actually have the car insured visit site under your name. Excellent insurance firms handle each of the cases of car theft and at one time they may be very strict against people who find themselves prepared to commit fraud. They do not hesitate to report to the authorities associated with a insurance fraud suspicions.